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Instant Money Solutions

Instant Capital is one of the fastest growing cheque cashing companies. As a leader in the credit market, our company is constantly searching for solutions to provide our clients with short term financing opportunities at the best rates. We constantly strive to develop and implement innovative services that are suitable for the rapidly evolving world including international shipping and overseas calls top-ups.

Cheque cashing

Get your money today! We will cash your cheques at amazing rates and low fees and make the process hassle free. Walk in with your cheque and get our promotional rate of 1,5%.

Easy access cash

Instant Money Solutions

Instant Capital is, above all, a user-oriented company. With our pioneering solutions, innovations and automated processes, we respond to the needs of our clients, who require short-term financing at the best rates. We are driven to provide maximum benefit and comfort through our services by focusing on the individual needs of each customer.

How does it work?

  • Bring a cheque payable to you or your company.
  • Instant Capital provides you with the funds on the spot.
  • No holds, no hassles.

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